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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Author reflects on Author in the window

At the local Barnes & Noble in Encino, CA. within half a mile from my home I stand facing myself in the window....my reading/signing here is not until Veteran's Day 11/11/08 at 730P, Tuesday. But I couldn't help myself--I had to stop by as a friend had called the other day to tell me she was standing in front of the display for Letters Between Us in the window.
It was almost surreal seeing myself and my book behind the glass. It is also surreal that after so many years of trying to get pubished that Letters was honored as a National Best Books 2008 Award finalist in Chick Lit/Women't Lit category sponsored by USA Book News.
Then I remembered over thirty years ago while writing in my journal, writing in the closet I used to call it, I wondered, rather forlornly if one day I would ever experience such a moment....and suddenly here I am and there she is staring back at me---Linda Rader Overman, award winning Author.
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  1. Linda, I am so incredibly happy for you!! My admiration for your strength, your courage, and your talent seems to grow with every passing year. Congratulations; you're incredible!!!

    Yelena Markaryan

  2. Thanks so much, Yelena, for your much appreciated comments and you know I always wish you much success as you are a terrific young woman!