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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Introduction--open forum

What gets people talking nowadays? Talking about themselves? OR TV shows they prefer or hate? OR talking about people we love or hate? Discussing dreams, fears, passions?

Everything and anything?

Sitting here with my student Mr. Beck, we talk about those things and more, and so what? That is the question? The so whats of life? What about them and where do they take us? Mr. Beck likes talking about things that people don't know about...anything that elicits the response of "What's that?"
"I do," he says. And he's not talking about marriage vows. He's talking about his car accident but he says, "I'm tired of talking about it."
"Why?" I ask.

"I don't know...my mom uses it as a tool sometimes...she likes to talk about it...like she wants people pity me...and yet I talk about it and maybe it sounds like pity, but that is not my intent."

"So what would you rather talk about?" I say.

"Something not tragic...there is a time and a place for that...feel sorry for me...people seem to want that and it sounds kind of selfish...you are just talking about yourself. In a conversation there are two people...so what about the other person?"

Yes, I think, what about you?