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Linda Rader Overman is so proud of her former student Natalie Grill who was a winner of the Oliver W. Evans Writing Prize in Fall 2023--Well done!!

A Comparative Analysis of Spiegelman’s Maus II and Oster’s The Stable Boy of Auschwitz It has been nearly eighty years since that decis...

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Linda Rader Overman is leading a creative writing workshop at Thousand Oaks Library

April 1, 2023 Saturday at 3PM --Appearing at Thousand Oaks Library and will be leading a creative workshop for beginning and aspiring writers. Teens 16+ are welcome to join.

Do join us!!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

THE LAST THING I WISHED I SAID-Linda Overman has a new podcast THE LAST THING I WISHED I SAID listen to interview with Prof Mary Marca

Prof Mary Marca: Click here on the first episode of THE LAST THING I WISHED I SAID , Linda speaks to retired Professor of Creative Writing Mary Marca, who taught at California State University, Northridge for twenty years. Mary shares her grief about the loss of her mother, Mabel Mary Pugh lovingly known as Molly, and the helplessness of a sudden death.