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Linda Rader Overman is so proud of her former student Natalie Grill who was a winner of the Oliver W. Evans Writing Prize in Fall 2023--Well done!!

A Comparative Analysis of Spiegelman’s Maus II and Oster’s The Stable Boy of Auschwitz It has been nearly eighty years since that decis...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Linda Rader Overman is proud of her daughter

Watch this clip from "Hell's Kitchen" which aired 8/29, at 14:35 in to the segment the chefs go shopping at Ted Baker, the boutique our daughter Deva works at on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hiils. And she helped style the chefs...she is wearing a short white skirt...it is great fun to see our Deva on TV! Yahoo!

Hell's Kitchen episode 12 Part 1 from Season 9 with our daughter Deva is it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Linda Rader Overman honors her publisher along with state of Texas

A salute to Susan Bright publisher of a 35-year-old issue-based literary publishing house which has published 350 titles presenting the work of almost 500 national and international writers. Susan devoted time, dedication and energy in publishing my first novel, Letters Between Us, but sadly and tragically met her untimely death New Year's week 2010 has been honored by the State legislature of Texas.
House Resolution 176 in honor of Susan Bright

"WHEREAS, Susan Bright made a lasting impact in the lives of countless people through her dedication to literature and to myriad worthy causes, and those who were privileged to share in her love and affection will forever hold her close in their hearts.... "

God be with you Susan! Your legacy and larger than life spirit and driving force remains in Plain View Press with the recent good news that it has achieved---"Non-profit Status!
Plain View Press has converted to a non-profit corporation, a decision made to insure the ongoing operation and stability of the press. It was important to resolve certain legal and financial issues to put the press on a firm footing. More to come as we initiate fundraising events and membership participation in the press. Thanks to John Andrews, Sherry Pilisko, and Pam Knight, we are now on a new path of exciting oportunities. The Press hopes to reopen submissions this fall under this new structure."