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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vanity Fair Magazine contest is a sham

 Please have a heart and click the heart on my daughter Deva's photo link below....Vanity Fair Magazine is having a contest for best dressed and Deva Overman's photo is aleady on the Most Popular link! So the more like votes the better chances of her winning or making runner up!  Thanks so much to all.

Vote for LIKE my daughter Deva in the Vanity Fair Magazine 

This whole contest is a sham....my daughter had over 12,000 likes on her photograph which was under the Most Popular link and suddenly it was taken down.  I emailed VF and was told over two weeks later that it was a glitch and oops sorry try again.  I did and they ignored my upload of her photograph.

VF obviously has an agenda and only wants photographs of subjects they have predetermined need to be there.  So please do not participate in this obvious sham of a contest.