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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Linda Rader Overman & Part 2--Letter to a friend upon disconnection of life support

Please RSVP to aidita2000@yahoo.com
Celebration in Honor of the Life of Albert De Francisco
A merry celebration of Al De Francisco's life will take place on
Sunday August 23 at 4pm.
Location is 3714 Latrobe Street Los Angeles, CA 90031 This is a
neighbor's home on Al's street.
Food, soft drinks, water and ice will be provided. Please bring any
other beverage of your liking.
Anyone having a great story about Al is encouraged to share it
with all of us.
driving, parking and entrance instructions below
Any questions regarding this event may be answered by:
Robert De Francisco--323.251.0674-bobde@tech-center.com
Anthony Seta--818.352.6378-11am to 3pm-tonyjseta@yahoo.com
Dave Thomas--323.842.3182
You may also RSVP to any of the above gentlemen.
Al’s Celebration August 23, 2009 4:00PM 3713 Latrobe St.

Directions to Celebration
1. North on the Pasadena Freeway (to AVE 43 Exit (Be careful, 5mph exit)
2. Go East (Soft right) on Ave 43, up the hill to Griffin Ave (Stop Sign)
3. Turn Left onto Griffin Ave and go to Montecito Drive (Stop Sign)
4. Turn Right on Montecito Drive and go to Sinova St. (Stop Sign
5. Turn Left on Sinova St. to Latrobe St. (Stop Sign)
6. Turn Right on Latrobe St. (You may want to use second gear)
7. Proceed up to 3714 Latrobe and start to look for a parking space.
8. Additional parking is available farther up Latrobe St.

Additional Parking

1. Go Past 3714 Latrobe St.
2. Go Past open gate with additional parking sign on it.
3. Turn Left on Montecito Drive to Stop Sign.
4. Turn Left on Montecito Circle and look for parking
5. If on Montecito Circle use the address of 1341 with sign on mailbox
6. Proceed down the long driveway to the open door with the welcome sign
7. Have Fun
Those of you traveling from the Alhambra area and coming up the back way:
1. South on Huntington Drive to Mission Road
2. Veer Right onto Mission Road to Broadway
3. Turn Right on Broadway to Lincoln Park Ave
4. Turn Right on Lincoln Park Ave to Flora Ave
5. Turn Right on Flora Ave to Sierra St
6. Turn Left on Sierra St to Roberta St
7. Turn Right on Roberta St to Montecito Drive
8. Turn Right on Montecito Drive to Montecito Circle
9. If on Montecito Circle use the address of 1341 with sign on mailbox
10. Proceed down the long driveway to the open door with the welcome sign
11. Have Fun