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Linda Rader Overman is still proud of that poem from 1991 that expresses much of what was and what is

I published this poem back in 1991---how little I knew that much of it would remain so relevant in my life-still.   Thank you Bombshelter Pr...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Linda Rader Overman & PhD at almost 60...a work in progress

Pictures speak but people are too busy too listen.

Thank you to my Hollywood High School buddy, Ben Babbitt, from so long ago for this card...a picture of a writer at 4 years old an Ordinary Woman who is beginning her chronicles.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Linda Rader Overman agrees that Sinead O'Connor deserves an apology!

Sinead O'Connor deserves an apology for sure!!
I remember watching her tear up a photograph of the Pope on Saturday Night Live and I appauded her for it! Everyone else who viciously criticized her should send her an apology too. She knew what she was talking about. Sadly no one has discovered the horrors of what she tried to point out until 18 years hence. And it's much worse than she even indicated.
Read her editorial in the Washington Post. There is a link to it on the blog I have linked to here.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Linda Rader Overman & PhD at almost 60...a work in...

Still in progress with maneuvering the waves toward my PhD....
Writing at the beach can be exhilarating or distracting. My colleagues Nicole and Kathleen attest to the exhilarating part.