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Linda Rader Overman is still proud of that poem from 1991 that expresses much of what was and what is

I published this poem back in 1991---how little I knew that much of it would remain so relevant in my life-still.   Thank you Bombshelter Pr...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Letters Between Us sees the light of a published day!

After almost two years of sending out my novel and receiving the usual "interesting....but nevermind," or "good...but nevermind," or "we love your characters...but nevermind," or "we think it is poignant...but were not the agency for you try....nevermind," then finally editor, Susan Bright, from Plain View Press read it and got it (or as Jack Kerouac would have written "dug it"). At any rate Ms. Bright "got" the manuscript...she "got" the story. And she is publishing it later this year. God Bless that Texas gal!

Letters Between Us by yours truly Linda Rader Overman, will see the light of the printing press. It is a novel about a troubled writer's search to understand a friend's mysterious death at a mental institution leading to her own self-discovery and transformation.

And there will be more. . .yahoo!