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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sex Drugs and RocknRoll!

Letters Between Us--My novel is out almost...not out of the closet....well maybe ... as it was in the writing closet for over a decade and more. BUT here it is and how groovy it was to find myself on B&N and Amazon....funny thing is...there is another nonfiction book with the same title published in 2004 on Amazon. And when I found my book link other book sellers claimed that they had used copies of my novel for cheap. I laughed because there are NO used copies of it. How could there be, it just arrived. Liars liars pants on fires.
If you want my novel, don't be confused with that other title from 2004,don't buy that one, buy my novel: Letters Between Us. My son did the artwork and it is brilliant.
Click here to see the Letters Between Us book trailer and scroll down a bit. It foreshadows the movie that will some day be made of this work...just wait and see!
Know now--everyone--mine is the 2008 novel and it rocks! Just like the Sixties did, which is when it takes place in flashback form as a look back from the Eighties....
All of you out there who purchase it--please be cool and post a review on Amazon and B&N. Por favor???
Check out lindaraderoverman.com to see where I am reading/signing around the LA area, Valencia, and Bakersfield too!

It would be totally bitchin'!
Later ....