Sunday, January 24, 2016

Linda Rader Overman finds Publisher & Agent Scams too often!

I can't believe how many scams are still out there for unsuspecting authors like myself who should know better.
But the predatory beat continues. 
I received a stellar review of my novel after submitting it to
Faye Swetky Agency

But then I get this email telling me how an agency client of this agent's can help edit my book even better to a guaranteed "Publishable" state & get this part:

"As for pricing, my normal rate for doctoring a full-length book such as this is $15 thousand down and $5 thousand a month for as long as it takes to complete, with a cap at six months. That means a total of between $35 thousand and no more than $45 thousand. For that I’ll guarantee the quality of my work. (I’d better!) If any additional work needs to be done on the book after its completion and prior to publication, I’ll do whatever is asked for by the publisher at no additional charge.
I’ll also make your life a little easier by enabling you to go after that multiple-publisher offer and a bidding war by providing my own closest editorial contacts with monthly progress reports as the book doctoring unfolds, whetting their appetites for a look at (and a chance to grab) the finished project the moment the doctoring is complete.
Finally, I’ll put the author’s mind at rest with a money-back guarantee: either this book sells to a major conventional advance-paying publisher, or I’ll refund the vast majority of my fees. That’s how strongly I feel about this property’s future.
But I’m flexible on payment. I want to do whatever works for the author without stressing her out financially and without running the risk of this book failing to see its major publishing debut. So if it takes a creative payment plan—or even a percentage of the profits from the book once it’s published in lieu of some up-front fees—I’ll work with her.  I feel a strong affinity toward this book and the author, and that always works out for the best in the end."

The interesting thing about this scam of a letter is that this agency client is basically the husband of the agent (something she did not bother to disclose)

So as other blogs/forums have suggested STAY AWAY! 

Really sad.....beware beware!!!!

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Then some weeks later I received  an email from this publisher regarding publishing my PhD thesis --apparently another scam.  See below as to Lambert Publishing Spamming recent graduates to publish their academic works from which they claim to pay you a whole 12% of the royalties....REALLY, wow, I could get more self publishing it. 
Lambert Publishing Scam
A Publishing Scam to Avoid
Lambert Publishing continues to spam 

And the scam/spam beat goes on......jeesh!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Memory Chronicles - Take 1

My first memory is being held in the arms of my uncle Arturo.  He was actually Mom's first cousin, but the Latin way is to consider cousins such as he - an uncle.
He held me over the baptismal font of Blessed Sacrament Church on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, Ca.
I must have been less than a year.  I looked at the water and thought, please don't drop me. I haven't learned to swim yet.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

A philanthropist with a cause - Rosenwald

foregrounds the life of Julius Rosenwald
I love his quote:
"Don't believe because a man is rich he is necessarily smart. There is ample evidence to the contrary."

Hint Fiction - Take 2 - Art Alone Endures

Art Alone Endures

The Art League had a competition for artists to depict the future. By accident Bogden included a blank canvas among his submissions.  It won.

--william j. brazill

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Linda Rader Overman wonders when Chronic Fatigue will be cured because???

I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), now called Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease by the the Institute of Medicine, since 1990.  My daughter is also plagued with it and forced to be on temporary disability.  Believe me she would much rather be at work than confined to her bed for days on end as I have been.
So when I read this recent article:

Chronic fatigue breakthrough offers hope for millions

I hoped against hope that this is indeed a breakthrough.  I have read tens and dozens of such articles like :

and to no cure....and yuppie flu, a senseless label remains.  There have been far too many groundbreaking articles making this claim without any treatment whatsoever existing other than in the homeopathic realm: acupuncture, vitamin infusion, exercise and on ad infinitum yet no bloody cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sufferers like my daughter and myself are sick to death of being dismissed with pejorative labels and not being given any credibility regarding the debilitating symptoms excused as mental/psychiatric issues.  I heard this same crap twenty-five years ago when there was far less known about it and far less treatment available for it.  And ironically NOTHING has changed.
Try functioning when you are struggling with total exhaustion after minor physical or mental exertion, cognitive impairment worsening upon standing, or a brain fog, sleeplessness, muscle and joint pain, rash, lymph inflammation, which only lying in bed for days or weeks upon end abates just barely.

Laura Hillenbrand author of Unbroken and Seabiscuit struggles with this disease as does Cher as do too many people!!
When will a cure be found....too long considered a type A Woman's Disease....there needs to be a cure.  
Just sayin! Harrumph!!