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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthing of a first novel

I always thought that if I were lucky enough to get a novel published I would just be able to sit back and let the publisher do the publicity for me. Well, ha ha, jokes on me, NOT!
Mainstream publishers may have budgets for such things, especially for a blockbuster of a novel, that means $$$$$$ maker, tried and tested.

For a first time novelist with a small independent publisher, well, guess what...publicity, marketing...all out of my own pocket. And it all depends how deep that pocket is. I have talked to about five different publicists, sent them copies of my novel whole or in parts. The truth is I better budget like I would to buy a second car. My budget for such a vehicle is more in line with buying a used small even-with -a-couple-of-dents-compact to get around the city, certainly not something for long hauls with Bose stereo system. So far with different estimates and such maybe if I am lucky I can get away with around $10K. Sheeit!! I don't have 10K for that. And each publicist talks in pub speak and I am not totally familiar with that rhetoric...say to me pathos, ethos, logos, okay from years of teaching composition I get those...but telling me about Organic SEO or Virtual Author Buzz Tour and I say "Huh?!"

So now I am learning that writing the work is 10% and marketing is 90%...maybe I should just go back to being a writer in the closet. Harrumph.

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  1. Linda,

    Love the honesty and self examination on your blog. Hurrah for your novel sale. I can't wait to read it!

    Zu Vincent (The Lucky Place, Front Street Press)