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So proud of this work my colleagues published Ch 15 in as it is such an important read: The Invisible Professor: The Precarious Lives of the New Faculty Majority

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Letters Between Us - my novel out in Fall 2008

Up-and-coming writer Laura Wells goes to a memorial service for her best friend from childhood, Katharine Taylor, whose body was found in a garbage dump near Santa Barbara, California. At the time, Laura has been living apart from her husband. After she obtains some boxes of her own correspondence with Katharine and entries from Katharine's diaries, Laura moves into a cottage on the beach and begins her long 27-year journey back in memory revealing unimaginable past secrets of both herself and Katharine. As a result, Laura discovers a Katharine she thought she knew and didn't. LETTERS BETWEEN US is a requiem to friendship and an homage of remembrance, loss and liberation.

Check out lindaraderoverman.com for more about my epistolary novel coming this fall.

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