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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Linda Rader Overman & Letters Between Us feted at 6,000 feet!

My gratitude to Susan Reep (a Hollywood High alumni as I am) and Mark Smith who invited me to bring Letters Between Us to their open house where guests celebrated the beauty of an artfully crafted tongue-and-groove knotty pine mountain vacation home in Alta Sierra, CA 6,000 feet above sea level.

Susan even had a signing table ready for me with a stand up of my book and my photograph! I stand here between two Susans, my host on the left, and her dear friend Susan on my right.

Jennifer, their daughter, is a fan of my novel and posed for me with a potential reader, her adorable son, Joseph, who needs to mature just a bit before he reads it--but he was very willing to pose next to his literary loving mom.

The day couldn't have been lovelier (a comfortable high 70's F.) and the magnificent mountain weather at that altitude was splendidly assisted by the surrounding forest of fragrant pine trees. Susan even even tied balloons along the way for the attendees to find this jewel of a house. I felt like we were standing in a Hansel and Gretel highrise with only beautiful people.

Thank you to Mark and Susan and the guests who were gracious enough to buy my book.
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