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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Letters Between Us & Linda Rader Overman in Prof. Caram's CSUN English class

Letters Between Us and Linda Rader Overman received a thorough vetting today in writer & Prof. Eve Caram's English 300 Class at CSUN. The students were ready with a load of challenging questions about the characters, the plot, the writing process! It was easy to tell that Prof. Caram had prepared the students well to interact with my novel and boy they did put me on the spot with some hard questions for which I am very grateful along with the interest and ensuing discussions.

It appears that papers will be written on Letters by some of the students and I hope they go easy on me, gulp! Thanks so much Prof. Caram for allowing me to visit your class and for teaching Letters Between Us again this semester.

A second time she has been so gracious to use Letters on her required reading list!!

Thanks to all of her students who were ready for me and enjoyed receiving my shameless self-promotion pens and had me sign copies of the novel. It was a privilege.
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