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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Memorial Trees Planted in memory of Deva Marie Overman our dear departed daughter


"Thanks to your generous gift of Memorial Trees from the Tribute Store !!

In memory of Deva Overman, we are pleased to inform you that American Forests has planted your trees as a part of the Michigan Kirtland’s Warblers project. A total of 30,000 trees have been planted to help restore this beautiful forest from devastating fire damage. Keeping these sites as natural as possible is essential to the health of the newly planted trees. Please help them acclimate and grow by refraining from visiting the locations. Now more than ever in the face of climate change and wildfires, it is important to protect our country’s beautiful forests, and thanks to your donation in memory of Deva Overman we are making that happen. Take care, The Team at Tribute Store."




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