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Monday, March 16, 2009

P.S. for Letters Between Us from the BC: Housewives of Conn.

Imagine my surprise when my colleague and friend Prof. Meg Florio who facilitated a rousing discussion of my novel in January with her Connecticut book club--sent me this photo. No pictures were taken of the event at the time as all were too busy discoursing about Letters Between Us!
Thankfully, I think that is because they all actually liked the novel, which was a great complement to yours truly! Not to mention that Prof. Florio was hosting this salon in her gorgeous NYC apartment on the Hudson in the middle of a snowy and icy evening in January to which all of these women drove in from Connecticut to attend.
Subsequent to that book club the following month, they met to discuss yet another novel but wanted to take a photo with mine, which I appreciate wholeheartedly!
Thanks to all of you lovely ladies who honored me so (seated): Kate, Meg, Anne, and (standing) Debbie, Suzy and Denise.

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