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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Disney princesses are bad asses after all, how refreshing

I dig this artist, Herr Nilsson.  Check out the link posted by by Katie Hosmer on July 10, 2013 at 9:30am.

Is Nilsson suggesting that, maybe, society should redefine the meaning of princess --at least
Disney's definition as so many little girls wait anxiously to travel to Disneyland to meet them, dress like them, sound like them, how about shoot like them a la Herr Nisson style. "[H]e depicts cute little characters who are disturbingly comfortable with the nasty realities of the cruel world."

Maybe if women were taught to be cautious and carry a big stick, aka self defense weapon learned in a proper class setting by a trained professional--Prince Charming with a license to carry and a willingness to empower women rather than subjugate them as the fairy tales espouse, would there be as much violence around the globe against women?

Classes in princess Disney style self defense are called for ....be beauteous but trust carefully and know how to aim right where it counts.


  1. We all should embrace our dark side, even princesses :-)

  2. Thanks Kitty for pointing in my dark princess direction!!