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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Linda Rader Overman is thankful that CSUN honored her novel LETTERS BETWEEN US with a review ...

 Linda Rader Overman is thankful CSUN's newspaper THE  SUNDIAL  honored her novel LETTERS BETWEEN US with a  review even so many years after its initial publication.

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 “Letters Between Us”

English Professor Linda Rader Overman, the author of “Letters Between Us”, wrote a story based in the 1960s about writer Laura Wells’s search for self-identity and lost friendship while being exposed to sex and drugs. Wells attends the memorial service for her best friend, Katharine Taylor, from childhood who was discovered in a garbage dump near Santa Barbara. When Wells obtains Katharine’s diaries, it starts a 26-year-old journey back to reveal unimaginable secrets leading to doubts of her knowing Katharine.



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