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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Linda Rader Overman appreciates her latest interview in CSUN Today Jan 27, 2021

 CSUN TODAY with Carmen Ramos Chandler

Time Will Tell How Future Writers See Trump’s Tenure as President

Three CSUN professors, two novelists and a screenwriter, ponder how future novelists and screenwriters will tell the story of Donald Trump’s time as president of the United States.


As the distance grows from the end of Donald Trump’s tenure as president of the United States, novelists and screenwriters will grapple with how to tell the story of that period of time in America.

It was a marked by civil unrest and growing racial strife; a pandemic that killed more than 400,000 Americans in less than a year; record unemployment; an attempt by insurgents to storm the Capitol building to stop the certification of the election of a new president; Russians hacking into key governmental agencies; and two impeachments. . . .https://csunshinetoday.csun.edu/arts-and-culture/time-will-tell-how-future-writers-see-trumps-tenure-as-president/


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