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Friday, January 30, 2009

Letters Between Us @ Visible Voice in Tremont

On another wintry afternoon, on Sunday, January 18, 2009, friends and family trekked to Visible Voice Books in Tremont in Cleveland, OH to hear me read excerpts from Letters Between Us.
It was a small intimate gathering inside this amazing book store that has wine tastings along with book signings....I only wish I had known about the wine tasting part before I came.

The day was snowing and overcast, and yet, friends and family came anyway. This is a hardy group and I thank you all for your support.
Thanks so much too to Jeff Dubyk,
manager of Visible Voice, for inviting me to read while not knowing anything about this Hollywood author....I so appreciate my cousin Marylou Palermo's dogged determination, which strongly encouraged me to make these appearances in Cleveland overall. I loved the winter white weather inspite of the cold.
I mean who has ever heard of weather in Hollywood, California!?!?

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