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Friday, January 30, 2009

Letters Between Us welcomed in Book Clubs Jan 2009

Letters Between Us was read and discussed in
New York City in the coldest of winter days at
a Book Club hosted by Professor Meg Florio in her
beautiful apartment on the west side with
stunning views of the city a
of the Hudson River. Here we are lunching at Asiate inside the lovely Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The ladies showed interest, wisdom, and keen insight in the literariness of this epistolary novel, guided and facilitated by Prof. Florio's close read of the work along with her sister and friends who drove into the city from Connecticut on the coldest of evenings!

My thanks and heaps of warm appreciation to all of them & especially Prof. Florio for hosting me and my novel in her exquisite apartment and providing me with a five-star shelter and
a metro card, which I kept
mis-sliding in the subway entrances and
holding up the line.
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