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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore: Linda Rader Overman attempts PhD-oh my!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this Yank (actually I am a Chicana, but nevermind) would be back
in school, but here I am. I just returned from attending summer classes at the University of Cumbria-Lancaster campus in the lovely town of Lancaster, Lancashire, UK. PhD studies pulled me there and I realize now that I might as well be climbing an academic Mt. Everest. Well, one of my tutors (here we'd call him Professor but in the UK he is a lecturer), said, "build it in bits"...and that is what I will do.

Each bit will be one step closer to this goal. A PhD in the Arts at Lancaster University. What am I thinking?!
Who knows...I may be toasting this event closing in on the age of 65 by the time I complete this journey, but I will be turning that age eventually....(it's a while yet, for the curious) so why not?

Bishop's Walk is tree lined and an engaging path to take when returning from downtown Lancaster and a trip to Marks & Spencer for groceries. The view out of my dorm window is softened by lace curtains...can't imagine lace curtains in any dorm in the USA. Walking from my residence hall up to the classrooms is another tree laced view of Morecambe Bay.

And standing under a sign directing me back to campus is my colleague and schoolmate Jacqueline who talked me into this endeavour in the first place. Actually she didn't have to try very hard.

It has been an intense set of weeks, and I am just beginning to realize what I must do to make this happen...set a timetable, set a schedule...between teaching, writing a sequel to my novel, Letters Between Us, writing a children's book, setting time aside for my PhD will just be like a second, unpaid, job.
Well why the heck not?

Met lovely flat mates all smarter than I am...looking forward to seeing them next year....if I live through this one.
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